How to Fix Error 502: Troubleshooting and Solutions

An HTTP status code of 502 Bad Gateway denotes a communication failure between two servers. Numerous factors, such as server overload, poor network connectivity, DNS issues, or setup errors with the website, can cause this error.

Examine the possible causes of the Gateway error, such as unresolved domain names, origin server overload, browser problems, problems with home networking hardware, and firewall blocks, before attempting to resolve the error. Refreshing the website, cleaning the browser’s cache, attempting to use the browser in incognito mode, flushing DNS servers, testing on a different device, examining the error log, examining plugins and themes, examining CDNs, and getting in touch with customer support are some fixes for the 502 Bad Gateway problem.

Any browser, operating system, and service may experience this problem, which could harm the SEO of your website. Some error status codes that are comparable to this one are 504 Gateway Timeout, 501 Not Implemented, 403 Forbidden Error, 404 Page Not Found, and 503 Service Unavailable.

Let’s investigate the 502 server error’s root cause.

A 502 bad gateway message suggests that an incorrect response was received by one server from another. Every online transaction is governed by the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), a set of guidelines published by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

According to the IETF, the 502 status code denotes several things: PROXIES, CONNECTION, and MISTAKE. Common causes of 502 gateway issues are: CONNECTIVITY, TRAFFIC, and DOMAIN NAMES. You may address these problems as a developer by: ASSESSING, TESTING, and BALANCING. You can: RELOAD, CLEAR as a guest.

We’ll then discover if a 502 bad gateway is a hack.

Generally speaking, a 502 Bad Gateway error does not indicate hacking. Usually, it’s a server-side problem, meaning that an invalid response was sent from another server to one on the internet. A 502 Bad Gateway error indicates that a server on the internet has received an erroneous response from another server. These errors can be caused by a variety of factors, including proxy issues, software problems, network faults, server overloads, and software problems.

Usually, there is nothing wrong with your equipment or internet connection—it’s a server-side issue. If you don’t fix a 502 Bad Gateway problem right away, it can hurt your website’s search engine ranking.