How to Install Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows 10

  1. Put the Office 2007 CD into the computer. To initiate the setup wizard manually, open the CD drive and select SETUP.EXE.
  2. Enter the product key when asked. The product key is located on the label found on the CD case or other packaging. See Locate your Office 2007 Product Key for assistance if you need it.
  3. Click CONTINUE after reading and agreeing to the Microsoft Software License Terms.
  4. After Office has installed, follow the instructions and click CLOSE.
  5. To maintain the full functionality of your Office programs, you must activate Office. Click the Microsoft Office button > Options > Activate Microsoft Office to initiate from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

Activating Office 2007 on Windows 10

If you haven’t already during Setup, you are prompted to enter your Product Key when you launch your Office 2007 programs for the first time after installation. The Activation Wizard launches automatically when you enter a valid Product Key and presents you with two options:

  1. GET ACTIVATED VIA THE INTERNET: Using your Internet connection, the Activation Wizard automatically makes contact with the Microsoft licensing servers. Your product is activated instantly if you are using a valid Product Key that hasn’t been used for the permitted number of installations. Your product ID, which is obtained from the installation product key, is sent to Microsoft when you activate online. To activate your product, a response—the confirmation ID—is transmitted back to your computer. The wizard notifies you that there is no connection if you choose to activate your product online and you are not already connected.

  2. TELEPHONE USE TO ACTIVATE: If you would like assistance from a customer service representative to activate your product, you can call an Activation Center using the numbers provided in this article for your particular country or region. Activation over the phone may take longer than activation online. When you make the call, you ought to be at your computer with your software Product Key out of reach. Your installation ID will be shown on your screen when the customer support agent asks for it, along with any other pertinent information. You are given a confirmation ID once your installation ID has been validated.