Blank App Store Screen in iOS 9


iOS App Store (also called as iTunes Store) doesn’t load any apps or games after updating to iOS 9 firmware. Instead, it shows a blank white screen.

Only the menu buttons – Featured, Top Charts, Explore, Search, Updates – are visible. Rest of the screen shows a white page with no information.

There is no loading bar in the App Store and tapping on any menu links doesn’t load the page.

It is a common error we have witnessed over the years on earlier iOS versions like iOS 8 and 7.

Some iOS developers and bloggers believe it’s the Apple servers that cannot take the load. Every year when Apple releases iOS firmware, iPhone / iPad users want download and install it immediately, ultimately slowing down the servers.

Such server problems is the reason behind the App Store’s blank screens.

As one frustrated iOS user points out:

“I have just updated my T-Mobile iPhone to iOS 9 and guess what? The App Store never loads. All I get is a blank screen with no freakin’ message. Sure, iPhone is beautiful but I can’t stare at it for so long. Please bring back App Store…”

And sometimes, it’s your network. If your device is connected to 2G or slow WiFi, then you need to give it some time for the App Store to load.

A better solution would be to use 3G/4G network. If that doesn’t get rid of the problem, then your best option is to reboot the device and retry after several hours.