How to save a SWF file in ánímate

Unlike the Publish command, the Animate Export commands do not save export settings individually with each file.

Export Movie exports the sound from an Animate document to a WAV file (Windows only), generates a numbered image file for each frame in the document, and exports the document to a still-image format.

To export a frame or image, either open the Animate document or choose to export it from the current document.


Give the output file a name.

After choosing the file format, click Save. An Export dialog box opens if the format you selected requires further information.

After selecting OK, select Save.

Open the HTML page with the Animate content in Dreamweaver.

Click Edit after selecting the HTML page’s Animate content.

Double-click the Animate content in Design view by pressing the Control (Windows) or Command (Macintosh) keys.

Now let’s discuss exporting an SWF file.

To release a file in Adobe Flash

  1. Choose FILE EXPORT.
  2. Find the folder where you wish to store the file.
  3. In the SAVE AS TYPE selection box, select SWF - Adobe Flash.
  4. In the FILE NAME list box, type the filename.
  5. Select EXPORT.

Select values from any of the list boxes below in the FLASH EXPORT dialog box:

Now let’s explore the topic of opening SWF files with Adobe Animate.

The SWF file format is compatible with Animate.

A unique compressed format with scalability and tiny file sizes is the SWF format.

It will not be possible for Animate to reimport the file if you chose to ‘Protect from Import’ when producing the SWF.

Before exporting the document to the Flash Player SWF format, or any other file format, we advise you to save it in the standard Animate FLA format.

A SWF can be opened in Test Movie mode by selecting File > Open.

The following happens when you import an SWF using File > Import:

The movie’s imported bitmaps are successfully imported; nevertheless, their original library names are lost. ‘Bitmap 1, Bitmap 2’ and so on are the new names for them.

Let’s see which Adobe application can open SWF files.

To play SWF files on your PC or online, download the free Adobe® Flash® Player software.

Even though Adobe has officially stopped supporting and maintaining Adobe® Flash® Player, SWF files can still be opened with this program.

You might still be able to locate an Adobe® Flash® Player version that is compatible with your computer and browser if you’re seeking for a Flash viewer.

Programs that can open SWF files are not limited to one choice.

We suggest using Movavi Video Converter to convert your SWF files to a newer format so you can play them both locally and online.