Broken Spotlight Forces Apps To Overlap Each Other in iOS 9


When you swipe down to open Spotlight in iOS 9, the app icons overlap each other. Plus, the background is pixelated as reported by several iOS users.

Spotlight is broken. And that’s a common thing we have seen over the past several years.

In fact, here’s the overlapping looks like:


This problem is visible in iOS 9 GM and iOS 9.1 beta firmware.

One user points out:

“Same with iOS 9.1 right now. It pixelated the background instead.”

From the screenshot, you will notice the “Suggestions” text that appears when you type something in Spotlight is all over the screen (strongly visible at the bottom).

No fix available at this point. Apple is going to fix this – for sure – in its latest stable version of iOS. Meanwhile, you can try to restart your iPhone / iPad to temporarily force Spotlight to work.

Source: Reddit