CloudMagic Email App Crashes in iOS 9


CloudMagic app on iPhone / iPad doesn’t load messages and crashes when you take any action such as open or read your email messages.

This crashing problem appears on devices running iOS 9 firmware.

Current CloudMagic v.7.2.15 was last updated on 24th August, 2015 – and since then we haven’t heard much from this email client.

Even on iOS 9 beta, the app crashed and is “unusable” as per the latest tweet we found on Twitter.

Few tweets confirming the CloudMagic issue on iOS 9:


Solution? Fortunately, CloudMagic has responded with a tweet saying that a “fix” is on its way. In fact, the new iOS app has been sent for approval to Apple:


As a temporary fix, you can use the default Mail app in iOS 9.

But yes, if you have multiple email accounts – Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. – configured with CloudMagic, then waiting for the new iOS 9 optimized update is your only choice.

Update September 19th, 9:40 AM: CloudMagic has acknowledged the crashing problem and has released a new update to fix it.