Find My Friends Is Inaccurate, Not Working in iOS 9

Find My Friends it not sending any notification and is inaccurate in identifying the location in iPhone / iPad after upgrading to iOS 9.

This is a common problem with Find My Friends. And that is why the latest version has received 2.5 stars in the App Store.

Find My Friends in iOS 9 comes with a couple of problems. First, it doesn’t send any notification when your friend (contact) leaves or arrives at a specific location.

Next, as reported by several users, it shows “Location not available” even when the device – with Find My Friends activated – is placed right next to you.

Few parents have also said that tracking kids with Find My Friends is almost impossible as the app drops requests and doesn’t notify them with accurate location.

As posted in the iTunes store:

“On iOS 9, Find My Friends doesn’t work. Sometimes it shows the error that location is unavailable and sometimes it shows wrong location… and isn’t accurate at all. Tracking contacts’ location using this Apple-exclusive app was a pain in iOS 8… and that pain is still visible in iOS 9.”

Find My Friends was last updated in the year 2014 (October) and with iOS 9 releasing soon, we are expecting a 2015 update – that alone can fix most of the problems.

Of course, you can always configure, delete, and reinstall Find My Friends in your iPhone / iPad.