Instagram Comment Issue in iOS 9


From your iPhone / iPad in iOS 9, when you open the Instagram app and go to a picture to leave a comment, the text is not visible. In other words, you can’t see what you are typing.

This is a known bug with the new Instagram app (v 7.6.1) that was updated on September 25th.

As you start typing in the comment box, you can only see the first line. Rest of the lines – when you type from the keyboard – are hidden as shown here:


Next, when you hit the “send” button – the entire comment is posted.

Many Instagram users have expressed their frustration on Twitter:

How can you fix it?

We have reached out to Instagram on Twitter to see if they can acknowledge this issue and fix it in the next update:

Alternately, if you would like to read what you are typing, then we recommend you to launch the Notes app in iOS 9. Then type your comment in this app, copy and paste it into the Instagram’s “Add a comment…” box.

Not exactly a “fix” – but that’s all we have for now.