How To Invert Color in iOS 9

In iOS 9, you can easily invert colors of your iPhones and iPads. Here are two ways to do it:

Note: Invert invert color changes your iOS device’s color. It shows white text on a black background on your screen. In other words, it gives your device a “black & white” effect that is useful 1) during night times 2) saving battery.

Technique #1: Change Color From Settings


To activate the color change, go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility. Now enable “Invert colors” to get the black & white effect on your iPhone / iPad.

Technique #2: Ask Siri To Invert Colors

Open Siri from your iPhone / iPad, and ask Siri: “Turn on invert colors.”

Siri will respond you with: “OK, I turned on Invert colors.” It’s that simple!