2G/GPRS Network Causes No Signal Problem in iPhone

From your iPhone, if you switch your mobile data from 3G to 2G, or activate 2G network, then you will get a “No Signal” or “No Service” error message.

In other words, your iPhone signal is lost. You can’t make calls anymore. And this happens when you enable 2G network.

One iPhone user asked:

Do I get the No Signal message because of my iPhone 6’s hardware? Does it support 2G network?

This problem has nothing to do with the iPhone’s hardware. It is because of your carrier.

Here are a couple of reasons why it happens and a generic solution to fix it:

  1. Carrier doesn’t support 2G network. Since the introduction of 4G LTE, many network carriers have dropped 2G support moved to 3G and 4G. Contact carrier’s customer service department to confirm.
  2. No 2G coverage in your area. This is probably why your iPhone gets a No Signal or No Service error message on its screen. Try it in a different place, and before doing so… reboot your device. You may also want to remove and insert the SIM card once again (if you have an unlocked, GSM or CDMA based iPhone).
  3. Look for carrier settings update. Because you may have received a carrier update – so plug your iPhone to your computer, launch iTunes. If any carrier update is available, go ahead and update it. Then retry connecting to 2G and see if the No Signal error disappears.