iPhone Captures Low Quality Pics in iOS 9.1, Says iOS Developers

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But a blurry picture? That’s probably worth nothing.

Talking to an iOS developer, we were told that Apple iPhone produces low quality pictures, with low resolution, when you use the Camera app.

This problem is visible only when you have iOS 9.1 beta firmware installed on the device.

While we don’t have any example of low-quality photos produced through the iPhone’s or iPad’s camera, there are a lot of forum posts on the web confirming this.

In fact, on Reddit we have a post “Low-res Photos in iOS 9.1 beta 1” describing that images appear blurry after zooming in. That wasn’t the case with earlier iOS.

Downgrading to earlier iOS firmware, iOS 9.0 beta, solves the problem, says another user.

In the past, iOS developers were faced with similar photo quality issues that were fixed after the release of the stable iOS firmware. And this year, we are going to have the final iOS 9 released to the public on September 16th, 2015.