OmniFocus App Crashes in iOS 9


When you open Omnigroup’s OmniFocus app (or OmniFocus 2) on your iPhone or iPad, it crashes after a couple of seconds.

Only devices with iOS 9 installed are facing this crashing issue.

With earlier iOS 9 beta firmware, however, OmniFocus app worked smoothly with no signs of crash or hang ups.

Few tweets confirming this abrupt app crash:


OmniFocus app is easily one of the most popular task management tool to help you set goals and accomplish them. And if we may say so, the company’s only goal now is to fix its own app.

We have already tweeted OmniFocus to look into this, and we are waiting for an update. Most probably an updated version of OmniFocus optimized for iOS 9 will do the trick.

You can always try to reinstall the app – none of your data is lost – and report back to us if you notice any improvements.

Update September 18th, 2015: OmniFocus team has confirmed the issue exists in older version of the app (version 1.x). A fix is on its way, and we will keep you posted.