iOS 9 Sender Unknown, Message Not Found Error


If you are using iOS 8 or iOS 9 on your device, you may get a message from “unknown” sender with the content saying: “Message not found.”

Basically, your iPhone / iPad gets a junk message. It is visible when you are group texting, receiving an MMS clip (Multimedia Messaging Service) from your contacts.

These missing text messages are seen when on carrier networks like AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone.

We were not clear whether it’s the iOS or the carrier network, which is why we reached out to our iOS developer to learn more.

Here’s what he says:

“AT&T iPhone has NEVER showed me any message not found error before… but now I see it. I am using iOS 9.1 beta, so I would bet it’s the firmware. Not the carrier network.”

On further researching the AT&T forums, we found out the issue is caused when the sender uses iMessage, which is why the message doesn’t get delivered.

Any way to fix this problem? How can we find out the person accidentally sending this unknown text messages? We are still looking for an answer.