You Cannot Shoot More Than 40 Min 4K Videos in iPhone 16GB Model

As Apple announced the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with 3 variants – 16GB, 64GB, 128GB – we decided to explore the entry level model.

We are talking about iPhone 6s / 6s Plus 16 GB model that can also shoot videos of 4K at 30 fps (frames per second).

Now, here’s the problem:

16 GB storage space is way too less to store anything these days. Plus, you may probably know that iPhones never get the complete 16GB free space. There are pre-installed apps and iOS operating system using a fraction of that space…

So you can safely eliminate 10% out of the 16GB allotted storage and the rest is “free” space. What if you use that space to shoot and save 4K resolution videos?

As we go to Photos & Camera section in this entry level device…

We noticed that every 4K video you record from new iPhones takes up 375 MB of data. This is for one minute.


So if you shot a video in 4K resolution that is about 20 minutes… and one more video of 20 minutes… that’s a total of 40 minutes, you end up spending:

375*40 = 15000 MB, which is almost 15GB of storage.

Isn’t that ridiculous? All it takes is one 40 minute footage to make your iPhone’s storage full.

This brings us to the point: If you cannot fully utilize the 4K video capturing feature, what’s the point? You have to transfer them to iCloud (pay more to Apple after you have used 5GB of space) or export these videos back to your computer or laptop.

Still, it’s a pain. And getting a 16GB entry level iPhone is a risk, especially if you want to capture high resolution videos.