How to open Outlook mail on my cell phone

To access your Outlook email on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to SETTINGS [Settings] > ADD ACCOUNT > ADD EMAIL ACCOUNT in Outlook for Android.

  2. Put your email address in the provided field and press "Continue".

  3. If available, tap SETUP ACCOUNT MANUALLY. Next, select EXCHANGE and turn on ADVANCED SETTINGS from the email provider page.

  4. After entering your server configuration information, if available, press the CHECKMARK icon.

  5. Configure the following settings for the incoming server:

    • SETTINGS OF THE COMING SERVER: Put your entire email address here, for example, [email protected].
    • PASSWORD: Use the same password you use to log into your email.
    • SERVER: Exchange accounts – Refer to the section on finding the server settings for your Exchange mailbox, or contact your IT administrator to obtain server details.
    • Use 443 or 993 as the port.
    • SECURITY TYPE: Click NEXT after selecting SSL/TLS or confirming that the USE SECURE CONNECTION (SSL) checkbox is checked.
  6. Configure the following settings for the outgoing server (SMTP):

    • SMTP SERVER: Exchange accounts – Request your server details from your IT administrator.
    • Select TLS as the security type.
    • Input the port number, 587. Press NEXT.
  7. You might be asked to confirm your email account password or grant access to any additional permissions that are required.

  8. Now that Outlook for Android is installed, you can use it! Maximize the Benefits of Outlook by following the Outlook Cheat Sheet for Android.

If you are unable to access your Outlook emails on your phone, there could be several reasons:

  1. Transient Server Problems: Outlook for Android occasionally has trouble retrieving new emails and fails to download them.

  2. Software Errors: A program error or software bug occurs when it generates unexpected or incorrect results.

  3. Email Server Settings Change: Important information such as email account credentials and incoming/outgoing server information are part of the email server configuration.

To resolve these issues, you can try the following fixes:

  1. Drop and Restart the Outlook: Try force-closing and restarting Outlook on your Android device if you’re having issues.

  2. Check Internet Connectivity: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection for the Outlook app to function properly.

  3. Delete the Outlook Cache Files: Clearing the application’s cache may resolve issues with the mobile app.

  4. Reset the Outlook Email Account: If there is a problem with the program, resetting the email account can help.

  5. Update the Outlook App: Make sure you have the latest version of the Outlook app installed on your Android phone.

  6. Reinstall the Outlook App: If all else fails, uninstall and reinstall the Outlook app on your Android phone.

  7. Turn off Battery Optimization: Disable battery optimization for the Outlook app to prevent power-saving features from interfering with its functionality.

  8. Verify App Permissions: Ensure that all necessary app permissions are granted to Outlook to avoid any issues.

To open an email in Outlook for Office365 through a web browser, follow these steps:

  1. When using the web version of Outlook, double-click the email in the "Inbox" panel to open it in a new window.

  2. If you are not in your "Inbox," double-click the email within the same panel. The folder name will be displayed on the panel.

  3. In the far-right "Reading Panel," if you are already responding to an email, select the double arrows symbol located in the "To" row of the correspondence.

  4. Next, select the pop-out or overlapping squares icon located in the upper right corner to open the email in a new window.