Why can’t I open a file on my cell phone

My Galaxy S4 (4.3) is no longer able to open downloaded files. ‘Can’t open file’ appears when I navigate to Downloads and touch the screen, even though I have installed Acrobat Reader for PDF files and another viewer for other formats. It seems that this issue arose within the last month.

Can you use the file manager to open the file? The same issue plagued me. My HP service plug and Polaris Office 5 were not plugged in. After downloading File Manager, I navigated to Downloads and found the necessary apk, which I opened with success. Verify it.

for utilizing the File Manager app rather than the integrated Downloads app.

To begin, simply download the rar file for Android from the Play Store. Next, navigate to Downloads, select that file, and presto—you’re done.

I turned off Viewer 5 for Polaris. Adobe Acrobat was downloaded from the Play Store. I am no longer having this problem.

Yes, this one is much overdue. I’m aware of this. My Nexus 6 is running unrooted Android 6.0.1. Nevertheless, I encountered this issue, downloaded a file manager, and attempted to open an eBook from my downloads. Suddenly, the permissions prompt didn’t appear in the stock download manager for some reason.

Can you use the file manager to open the file? I’m experiencing the same problem with DOC files and the company website. I get ‘Cannot Open file’ when I try to open it using a downloader. It opens without any issues if I use File Manager.

Let’s investigate how to open my files.

  • Double-clicking any folder on your desktop or selecting the FILE EXPLORER icon in the taskbar will launch File Explorer.
  • Double-clicking a folder in File Explorer will open it. After that, every file kept in that folder is visible to you.
  • To open a file, there are two primary methods:
    • You can remove a file that you are no longer using. A file is moved to the RECYCLE BIN when it is deleted.
    • To transfer a file across locations:
    • To make a brand-new folder:
    • Any file or folder name can be modified.

Let’s investigate why certain files cannot be opened.

Have you encountered an error message such as "THESE FILES CAN’T BE OPENED" when attempting to open a file on Windows recently? Although.exe files are the primary source of the error, some users have also reported seeing it with other file types. Although it can still occur on a Windows 10 PC, the problem is most frequently seen on Windows 7 and 8. Windows may occasionally choose to block an executable file in order to safeguard your system when you download it from the internet or move files between computers. When Windows determines whether to allow a file to run on your computer, it looks through your Internet Properties. The "THESE FILES CAN’T BE OPENED" error will appear on Windows if a file is flagged as unsafe in your Internet Properties. If none of the above solutions worked for you, you can also try modifying the Windows registry to allow dangerous files.