Why can’t I open files on my cell phone

  • ‘Can’t open file’ appears when I navigate to Downloads and touch the screen, even though I have installed Acrobat Reader for PDF files and another viewer for other formats.
  • Although some appear to have experienced similar problems in the past, that might not be connected.
  • Have you discovered if it only happens with particular file types?
  • Try using the "clear cache" and "clear data" features on the Download Manager and Downloads app to see if things start to function normally.
  • Can you use the file manager to open the file?
  • I spent the entire day looking and discovered this: p/Android/issues/detail?id=64267
  • The same issue plagued me. My HP service plug and Polaris Office 5 were not plugged in.
  • After downloading File Manager, I navigated to Downloads and found the necessary apk, which I opened with success.
  • To begin, simply download the rar file for Android from the Play Store. then proceed to downloads, select that file, and presto—you’re done.
  • I turned off Viewer 5 for Polaris. Adobe Acrobat was downloaded from the Play Store. I am no longer having this problem.

How do I get my files to open is the next topic.

  • Double-clicking any folder on your desktop or selecting the FILE EXPLORER icon in the taskbar will launch File Explorer.
  • Double-clicking a folder in File Explorer will open it. After that, every file kept in that folder is visible to you.
  • To open a file, there are two primary methods:
    • LOOK FOR THE FILE ON YOUR PC, THEN DOUBLE-CLICK IT. By doing this, the file will open in its default application.
    • Launch the application and utilize it to access the file.
  • Transferring a file from one place to another is simple. For instance, you may wish to transfer a file from your desktop to your documents folder.
  • You can remove a file that you are no longer using. A file is moved to the RECYCLE BIN when it is deleted. You can move the file from the Recycle Bin back to its original location if you decide to change your mind. You must EMPTY THE RECYCLE BIN if you’re certain you want to remove the file permanently.

This is why my downloaded files won’t open, let’s examine.

  • Hard drives, folders, or files may occasionally become inaccessible due to corrupted system files or bad sectors on Windows system drives.
  • Therefore, you might be able to resolve the Downloads folder not opening error by repairing corrupted system files and bad sectors on the hard drive.
    • Step 1: Open the Run dialog by pressing the Windows key plus R;
    • Step 2: Type cmd and press Enter to open the Command Prompt;
    • Step 3: Type SFC /SCANNOW and press Enter;
  • When the scanning process is finished, Windows 10 will automatically fix corrupted system files.

However, why are some files inaccessible?

  • Have you encountered an error message such as "THESE FILES CAN’T BE OPENED" when attempting to open a file on Windows recently?
  • Although it can still occur on a Windows 10 PC, the problem is most frequently seen on Windows 7 and 8.
  • Regardless of the reason, one of the subsequent solutions will enable you to retrieve those files once more without feeling like a madman.
  • Occasionally, Windows may choose to block an executable file in order to safeguard your system when you download it from the internet or transfer files between computers.
  • When Windows determines whether to allow a file to run on your computer, it looks through your Internet Properties.
  • The "THESE FILES CAN’T BE OPENED" error will appear on Windows if a file is flagged as unsafe in your Internet Properties.
  • If none of the above solutions worked for you, you can also try modifying the Windows registry to allow dangerous files.