Is iOS 9 Slow, Lagging, & Stuttering on Your iPhone / iPad?

iOS 9 is buggy. Or at least that’s what we see. In fact, we have reports of users facing several issues with the new iOS 9.0 firmware, and out of all those minor and major issues, three of them stands out: iOS is slow, lags and the basic animations stutters on iPhones and iPads.

This is a common problem.

Along with this, there are unexpected app crashes that takes you back to the homescreen. In this article, we explore this further.

iOS 9 Is Really Slow & Lags

Older devices like iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s seem to have taken a beating after upgrading to iOS 9.

Even new models like iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are slow on certain occasions (discussed below).

For example, when you use the keyboard, it takes some time to come up on your screen. Plus, tap on it and you may notice a delay / lag.

Control Center lags when you swipe from the bottom to open it.

Even swiping through pages is a slow affair. Personally, these issues were already visible on iOS 9 beta – although we thought the stable iOS 9 version would have fixed it all.

iOS 9 Has The Worst Stuttering Problem

As iOS 9 gets a new multitasking interface, it stutters heavily when you have lots of apps left open on your iOS devices.

Users have reported that such stuttering animations are visible when you swipe through the pages from homescreen, open Spotlight, or scroll inside apps. Even the improved Safari browser lags when you scroll through websites.

Case in point: We have a video showing the scrolling issue in iOS 9 that appears when you use the App Store:

We went deeper to find more. In fact, we confirmed with several users and asked what they think of all these problems. And the answers weren’t surprising at all.

Then, we checked Twitter. Here are some of the users expressing their frustration with iOS 9:


What’s the fix? Well, we are waiting for the new iOS 9.1 or any minor update from Apple that promises to improve the performance… and hopefully put an end to all the minor and major problems you see now.

So the only solution is to wait.

Of course, temporarily fixes include:

Performing a hard reset.

Do a fresh, clean install of iOS 9.

Or downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8 – although that’s a time-consuming process.

Over to you:

Let us know the kind of issues you are facing with iOS 9 through the comment section below.

Apple promised that iOS 9 performance will be far better than everything else we have seen, but the video and users tell a different story. We admit the issue isn’t “widespread” – and only some percentage of users were affected with such lagging issues.

Still, it’s unacceptable. And Apple, if you are reading this? Please bring us a new iOS 9 update as soon as possible!

One that is lag-free, crash-free, and stutter-free.