iPhone 5s Heating Issue After Updating to iOS 9

After updating your Apple iPhone 5s to the new iOS 9, device gets hotter and battery drains faster.

Many iPhone 5s users, as reported below, have said the device gets hot as you play games for longer hours and browse through Safari. It happens only after updating iPhone 5s to iOS 9.

Jan bun from Apple forums adds:

“I have charged my iPhone 5s last night and today while playing games on the device, it got hot very quickly in just 20 minutes.”

Reddit user Piyush says:

“My iPhone 5S is getting a lot warmer after little use like watching videos on YouTube and browsing on Safari, is it normal or should I downgrade back to 8.4?”

This was followed by two more comments on iPhone 5s’ hotness:

“Another iPhone 5S user with a hot phone and bad battery”

And yes, it gets “red hot” as per this comment:

“Mine was red hot last night, put it down to being on charge when updating. Will see how it goes, but my battery has also been dreadful on this [iOS 9] update.”

To sum it, as posted by another iPhone 5s owner, this is what you experience after upgrading to iOS 9:

“Bad battery and super hot phone.”

Please reply to this post via comment if you are experiencing similar issues. Solution to this problem is the usual rebooting and updating of the iOS 9 software.