No Safari History Search Concerns iOS 9 Users

iOS 9 Safari browser doesn’t allow you to keyword search the history of websites you have visited.

Previously, in earlier iOS firmware, you had to launch Safari in iPhone / iPad, then tap on the 4th button to look at the website history.

Not much has been changed since then. Even in iOS 9, Safari has the same looks and same features. But it doesn’t allow you to search history by keyword yet.

And this is bothering many iOS users.

Now, all you can do is look at the website history and find out the pages you have visited days, weeks, or months ago…

But there is no way to search within the history. You cannot type a keyword to find out that particular webpages or website URL you have forgotten.

As one heavy user of Safari browser points out:

“I was expecting a LOT out of iOS 9 Safari browser. The ability to search websites through keyword, or even sort them was a feature worth adding. Wish Apple listened to its customers.”

At the time of writing, scrolling through the history is the only solution.