iPhone Shows “No Contacts” After iOS 9 Upgrade


Inside the “Phone” app, the Contacts tab shows “No Contacts” on your iPhone after upgrading to iOS 9.

All the contact details have disappeared. This is a common bug in iOS 9 that also removes the “refresh” button that appears at the top of the “Contacts” screen.

As one user says:

“I am shocked that my years of contact details like phone numbers, name, email IDs are now gone… if there was no iCloud, I would have been crying by now.

But Apple seriously need to fix this.”

In other words, if your iPhone contacts are missing, then you get the same “No Contacts” page as shown below…


Then you can fix this by enabling your iCloud account. You can also toggle the “Contacts” switch to restore your lost contacts from iCloud.

We have a tutorial guiding you through the whole process: How to Download iCloud Contacts On Your iPhone

This solution, of course, works only if you have ever used iCloud as a backup option.