Photos Disappearing From Third Party Apps After iOS 9 Upgrade

One of the common iOS 8 problem was with photos and albums that went missing. With iOS 9 firmware, the story does not change.

Many iOS users are reporting missing pictures after updating to iOS 9. Be it iPhone or iPad – the problem appears only when you are using a third-party app like Camera360.

In the default Photos app, the photos are intact. But in the third-party apps, the photos are missing. In fact, they are nowhere found.

One user said: “I have lost all my photos I took at a holiday recently using my Apple iPhone. I came home and updated the device, only to see that my memories of holidays were ruined forever. Thanks iOS 9!”

Disappearing photos has always been a strange issue with no one answer that could fix the problem forever.

Only solution is to look for your photos in your earlier iTunes or iCloud backup and restore them back on your iOS device. As usual, it is recommended to backup your videos and pictures from the Camera Roll regularly.