News Not Available in iOS 9 News App

After upgrading your iPhone / iPad to iOS 9, you will get a News app that says “Sorry, News isn’t available right now. Please try again later.”

As shown in the picture below, News app shows this message when you open it on your iOS (iPhone or iPad) devices:


This is not an error message. It appears for several reasons. One iOS dev points out that it’s the server load causing this issue.

While it could be server issues stopping you from accessing the latest news in the News app, we have another reason for this to happen:

You are not be in the US. News app works only in the US.

So if you are from a non-US country, then News app cannot function, as reported by a Reddit user.

Solution to this is to reboot your device, make sure the News app is closed. Of course, this problem is visible on iOS 9 beta… so if you can get the official iOS 9 stable version, then the News app should load just fine.