Mail App Not Working in iOS 9


If are using the Mail app in iOS 9, you will notice the email messages aren’t coming in. They are not refreshed even after you pull it from the top…

Even in earlier iOS 8 beta firmware, Mail app doesn’t load any new incoming mails. It also doesn’t send you notifications.

And we see similar problems in iOS 9. In fact, Mail app in iOS 9 is more buggy than ever.

One iOS user says:

“I am using iOS 9 Beta 5 at the moment that has too many bugs. And what annoys me the most is the fact that Mail app doesn’t load new email messages even after repeated refreshes. Apple really must fix this.”

At the time of writing this article, we haven’t faced such issues. If we had to share with you a fix, then remove and add your accounts – Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! and so on – back in the Mail app.

Try to reboot your iPhone / iPad and check the Internet connection. See if any of this helps in receiving new emails instantly.