Scam: You Must Pay $500 To Unlock Your Blocked iPhone

Last week we saw the Find My Phone scam where the scammer sends you a text message to visit a website. That was a phishing page designed to steal your Apple details.

And this week? We have yet another strick from the scammer’s room that scares you with a pop up message. In this message, it says that your Apple ID and your iPhone is blocked.

And the only way to unblock it is to pay them $500 fine via PayPal.


Yes, but it doesn’t end there.

If you don’t pay $500, it gets really tricky. You are told that all your photos, music, games, documents will be deleted…

And then you will become the subject of criminal prosecution. Later, as posted below, you are accused of viewing and storage illegal materials.

This is a scam. Avoid it.

Sure, it can be obvious to many of us who use our iPhones / iPads regularly. Yet, for someone new, such pop ups may scare them.

In fact, we pity the souls who decided to go ahead and pay the money to unlock their devices. From what we can tell, such scams works really well with elders / seniors.

So if you know anyone using iPhones and iPads, let them know about these scams.








Source: Reddit