What Happened To The Siri’s “Beep” Sound in iOS 9?

Have you upgraded your iPhone / iPad to the new iOS 9.0 firmware?

Then you will know this:

Siri doesn’t make those “beep beep” sound anymore when you open it.

You can try pressing the Home button…

Hold it harder if you want…

Look into your Siri’s settings…

Change the gender…

Or turn up the volume to 100%…

Siri is never going to beep!

The End of Siri’s Beep Sound

Sounds too dramatic to us, but we are surprised that this small feature has gained so much of attention from iOS users.

In fact, there was this one user on the forum that decided to reinstall iOS 9 four times so he can get back the missing Siri sound. Talk about love.

This user also created the thread “iOS 9 Siri does NOT beep” on the Apple forum that has attracted over 2000+ views.

On our iPhone, we asked Siri to know more about the beep sound, and here’s what it has to say:


Try it: Ask Siri “why don’t you beep anymore” and it says: “No need for beeps…”

On the other hand, it looks like school and college students will find this no-beep Siri useful (yes, we can see your happy faces):


However, iOS 9 users aren’t particularly happy as they seem to love these beeps (#savethesiribeep):


What else? Well, if those sound effects were music to your ears, then here’s a 13 second video that you may like: