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What Happened To The Siri’s “Beep” Sound in iOS 9?

Have you upgraded your iPhone / iPad to the new iOS 9.0 firmware?

Then you will know this:

Siri doesn’t make those “beep beep” sound anymore when you open it.

You can try pressing the Home button…

Hold it harder if you want…

Look into your Siri’s settings…

Change the gender…

Or turn up the volume to 100%…

Siri is never going to beep!

The End of Siri’s Beep Sound

Sounds too dramatic to us, but we are surprised that this small feature has gained so much of attention from iOS users.

In fact, there was this one user on the forum that decided to reinstall iOS 9 four times so he can get back the missing Siri sound. Talk about love.

This user also created the thread “iOS 9 Siri does NOT beep” on the Apple forum that has attracted over 2000+ views.

On our iPhone, we asked Siri to know more about the beep sound, and here’s what it has to say:


Try it: Ask Siri “why don’t you beep anymore” and it says: “No need for beeps…”

On the other hand, it looks like school and college students will find this no-beep Siri useful (yes, we can see your happy faces):


However, iOS 9 users aren’t particularly happy as they seem to love these beeps (#savethesiribeep):


What else? Well, if those sound effects were music to your ears, then here’s a 13 second video that you may like:

  • Johnny

    The Beep lets me know how long to take before I start talking. Without the Beep I sometimes wait to long then Siri doesn’t hear anything so it stops,then I have to start all over, Also sometimes I start talking to soon and it misses some of my first words and again I have to start all over again. Bring back the beep,at least in an option to turn it on or off!

  • MLP

    Many people believe this is on purpose. I believe this is only partially true. It is my contention based on the description of certain settings under iOS 9 that the intention was that you lose the Siri Beeps when the iPHone is in silent mode, not all the time.

    For example, If you set Voice Feedback to “Control with Ring Switch” the description states: “Siri will silence all audio feedback when you set the ring switch to silent. You will continue to hear Siri beep and provide voice feedback when using “Hey Siri,” or when connected to a Bluetooth device, headphones or CarPlay. ”

    This is exactly the way Siri is behaving now, no matter what the “Control with Ring Switch” is set to. Why mention the switch setting at all if this is what you’re going to do no matter what. It would seem that if you’re NOT in silent mode, Siri would continue to beep as normal.

    Further, if you check off “Hands-Free Only” the description is as follows: Siri will only beep and provide voice feedback when you are using “Hey Siri,” or when connected to a Bluetooth device, headphones, or CarPlay.

    Again this is exactly what Siri is doing now. I can check Hands-Free Only or Control with Ring Switch and the behavior is exactly the same, Siri no longer beeps.

    Finally, In the Always On mode, where my phone is set, the description states: Siri will provide voice feedback, even when your ring switch is set to silent. I’m getting no beeps, no voice feedback, even though my phone is set to Always on Mode.

    The entire settings section then effectively does nothing. No matter which option you check, Siri will only beep and provide voice feedback when you are using “Hey Siri,” or when connected to a Blutetooth device, headphones, or CarPlay. So why have the options?

    There are some moronic children attacking me personally for asking this question on Apple’s support forums, but I’m still determined to get to the bottom of it.

    As it turns out a few people have noticed if you disable vibrations all together under the Accessibility settings, the beeps will return. The problem with this is that there are many people who would want vibrations for ring, or for earthquake, while still wanting Siri to beep. It makes no since that you would have to completely shutdown vibrations to hear Siri beeps.

    • TeaFreak_

      You’re right! I was actually really annoyed not having the beep anymore because I also use Siri a lot when I drive and don’t want to look at my phone. Everything I read basically said Siri was gone on purpose but when I tried your turn the vibrate off thing the beep was back. Hopefully one of the next iOS updates will fix the glitch.

  • Norbet

    Strangely I can get Siri to talk back on my 5s but never on the 6 plus, both phones using iOS 9. I’ve put both phones side by side, checked the settings, over and over again, done ” reset all settings” but still can’t get it on the 6 plus. Has anyone got Siri to talk on the 5s also?

    • Royski

      siris voice is gone in my 5s as if its muted.

  • Jeremy Parnell

    I have my iphone in bluetooth mode while driving obviously for safety reasons. Siri will play through my car stereo. All I have to do is reach over and hold the button down and then start talking without ever having to take my eyes off of the road. BUT, since this beep is gone, I don’t know when Siri is ready for me to start speaking, and I don’t want to be unsafe and try to look at my iphone while driving. PLEASE BRING BACK THE BEEP!

  • Southern Builder

    What happened to the beep when you hold down the “Home” button? This is missing still after the 9.0.1 update! They need to fix this. There are certain people like me who need to have the audible confirmation because of tactile problems. I have essential tremors and Raynaud’s Syndrome and my ability to press something only once or only a certain number of times is impaired. Having the audible confirmation was useful. I don’t understand why it went away in the first place. If you turn OFF the vibration it starts working again but that means that you lose vibration when the phone is on silent. That can hardly be a feature; it has to be a bug or a glitch.

  • Royski

    my siri in my iphone 5s has no voice. I already increase the volume when in siri screen. it is not muted as well. When you ask something it just show the text content.. is there a setting on how to turn on its voice? i already try to change its voice accent but still no effect.