Yes, Even The Old iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Are iOS 9 Compatible

If you ever wanted to know which iPads and iPhones can run the new iOS 9 firmware, then the answer may surprise you.

All the Apple devices supporting iOS 8 firmware are also compatible with iOS 9 firmware.

This means the old Apple iPhone 4s can run iOS 9.

As one of our Apple users said:

This is amazing. Apple iPhone 4s was launched in the year 2011. And it will support iOS 9? Which means 5 years of solid support from Apple. Show me any smartphone or company that can make this happen.

But there’s more:

Even old iPads, like the iPad 2, that was launched in the year 2011 will get the iOS 9 update.

The Apple iPad 2 devices came with iOS 4 software. And when we take into the account the number of years, iPad 2 is the oldest Apple device supporting iOS 9.


So why are these old devices working with iOS 9?

a5-chip-ios9Because Apple introduced the A5 chips in these devices. And even new devices, like iPad mini, has the same chip.

This made the decision to include iOS 9 support on older devices easier. Plus, providing a great support (and customer satisfaction) also builds trust.

In this case, many iPhone 4s and iPad 2 users must be incredibly happy to get this new firmware update. I know I am as I have a white iPhone 4s device with iOS 8.

Having iOS 9 with all its features is a huge bonus for both iPhone 4s and iPad 2 users.

iOS 9 Compatibility Chart Updated

There are other old devices that work with iOS 9. In fact, we have the complete list on our iOS 9 Compatibility page where you will see the iPad and iPhone models that can run iOS 9.

Head over to that page and see if your device supports iOS 9. If you had iOS 8 on your device, you can upgrade to iOS 9 stable version as soon as it is available.