Typing in Spotlight Search Crashes iPhone / iPad


When you enter a word in iOS 9’s Spotlight search, it immediately crashes your iPhone / iPad by showing a black screen with Apple logo.

This problem appears on devices that were recently upgraded to iOS 9 firmware.

Whenever you swipe down the screen to open the search box (Spotlight) and type words like “lit” or “whos” or any other word…

Your iPhone or iPad crashes with a black screen and Apple logo.

In other words: Using Spotlight crashes your iOS device.

One of the user on Twitter messaged us with a detailed description of the problem:

I’m on iPhone 5C. From what I can tell so far it seems to be an isolated problem to my phone. I was just curious because it is a bit odd. And only seems to happen when I type the word ‘whos.’

Each time I do that it crashes and goes to a black screen with apple logo.


On further research, we found that Spotlight is actually buggy and has been crashing devices for a number of weeks already:


Of course, not everyone is affected. This issue with Spotlight entirely depends on the kind of device you are using.

In the past, jailbreakers could remove Winterboard to fix the crashing problem. But as we are talking about iOS 9, which has no jailbreak yet, there is no quick fix or solution yet.

Apple hasn’t addressed this problem too. You can, however, try reinstalling iOS firmware if the crash is way too frequent, or perform a hard reset from your iOS 9 devices.

Post will be updated when we find relevant solutions.