Apple Maps Transit Directions Now Live in iOS 9

Want hear something great? Getting Bus, ferry, subway, and train routes details in real-time is now possible with the new iOS 9’s Apple Maps.

Apple promised to introduce public transit directions within iOS 9. This was lacking in earlier version of Apple Maps, and the only solution was to download and use Google Maps.

Transit Directions Updated

With Apple Maps in iOS 9, the transit view is live in almost every city in the US. And that includes: Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, London, Mexico City, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington D.C.


As reported by one user from California:

“I love the transit view. Now I can see buses and Metra station details through Apple Maps.”

Further someone from Apple forum says:

“Apple Maps transit is live in London. Now I wish it showed me train arrival times. For now, Apple Maps is not doing that.”

Ability to know the arrival and departure timing, duration of journey and best possible routes with Apple Maps is certainly a feature we were looking forward to.

And now? We are so glad to hear positive reviews of the new Apple Maps in iOS 9. It is too early to tell if Apple Maps should replace Google Maps (if you are addicted to it like we do)… but the positive reviews certainly makes us want to try.