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iCloud Error: The Last Backup Could Not Be Completed During iOS 9 Upgrade


Whenever you are initiating a backup via iCloud, the process begins and halts after sometime, displaying the error message: “the last backup could not be completed.”

This error appears when you are using iOS 8 (for upgrading purpose) or iOS 9 firmware on your iPhone / iPad as shown in the screenshot:


First, you get an “estimating time remaining” message when you hit the “Back Up Now” button from your iCloud. Then, minutes later, it shows the “the last backup could not be completed.”

As an iOS dev explains:

“This is frustrating! I now have to manually backup all my games, apps, documents, photo albums to my computer. What’s the use of iCloud backup option that NEVER works when needed the most?”

We do have a couple of solutions that we will share with you in another post. For now, Apple recommends a couple of generic fixes that should help you solve this iCloud issue:

– Make sure you’re connected to the Internet with Wi-Fi.
– If possible, try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network.
– See if you have enough iCloud storage for your backup, and get more storage if you need it.
– If you need more help, contact Apple Support.

  • Kivi Shaps

    Still having this problem on IOS 9.02

    • sue blythe

      The backup issue has not been fixed. Sometimes works if you delete all prior backups and start fresh but then it doesn’t work the next time you try to back up. We have four devices – same problem on all.

  • sue blythe

    Same. Backup has not been fixed yet. Only way we have been able to do manual ICloud backup is to delete all previous backups and start fresh. But this only works once. Next time you attempt back up it cannot be completed. We have 4 devices – same on all of them.

  • Adrian

    I tried to run the back up manually several times, but still no luck. I have deleted loads of photos from my iphone6 thinking that they were too heavy to save though I have more than enough icloud storage, but still didn’t work. Hope Apple will resolve this problem asap. Pretty annoying.