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New Shazam App Update For iOS 9 Offers Easy Music Discovery & Crashes No More

Shazam has released a newest version of its app that supports iOS 9.

So if you ever wanted to identify songs that you have heard on the radio, television, in a cafe, or anywhere else – then you will find Shazam useful. In fact, this “music detective” app helps you in discovering new music, artists, and get lyrics on your iPhone and iPad.


And today, on September 21st, Shazam app is updated to version 9.0.0 offering many new features, such as:

  • Spotlight Search:
    Almost every device with iOS 9 is getting this Spotlight search feature – and Shazam is no different. Just swipe down to open Spotlight, type in any song or artist name and Shazam will show you all the details you need without opening the app.
  • 3D Touch Support:
    Shazam is now 3D Touch-enabled, which means the new app will function based on your finger’s pressure. This feature is only available on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus – which comes with 3D Touch support.

And then, we have many more bug fixes and improvements:

-> We’ve improved our Bluetooth support for easier listening. If you play music while connected over Bluetooth and then Shazam it, we’ll name the song and then continue playback over Bluetooth.

-> We fixed an issue affecting some Rdio and Spotify users who incorrectly received a message about changes to their subscription. Nobody likes that!

-> Thank you for bringing an issue with VoiceOver to our attention! You should now be able to get access to the tab bar and news feed again. We’ve also updated some of the Accessibility labels to make navigation easier. To start Shazaming, use the two-finger Magic Tap, or navigate to the Shazam button on the tab bar.

Shazam used to crash and created problems when you use Apple Music on your iOS 9 device. This issue has been fixed with the latest version.

Over 100 million people are using Shazam app across various devices. And at 68.6 MB in size, the new app is free to download – you can update it by going to the App Store… or follow this link:

Happy headphoning with Shazam!